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Britney Spears Face Tune of the Day

Britney Spears Slutty Short Shorts

Britney Spears looks fucking amazing as a general statement based on her social media videos she’s been posting up – especially in comparison to the other pop tarts and young celebs who are no longer young from her generation.

X-Tina is a fucking tank, whether she’s getting her tits out for once in her life or not (here)

Jessica Simpson is a fucking tank, all muscular and weirdly shaped, despite still having amazing tits (HERE)

I guess there’s also Nicole Richie who gets cancelled out because she’s married to a Good Charlotte Sister…and Paris who is still looking alright but too useless to bother with….then there’s Lohan in Europe with her fake accents and beach club ventures (here)

They are all pretty fucking wrecked looking, while Britney comes in solid..

She’s just a bit too aggressive on the photoshop / face tune / but girl’s nice and fit, despite being an old mom, and she’s still winning at life, despite being a prisoner to her family that won’t let her leave the nest – ever.

Britney Spears Slutty Short Shorts


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