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Halle Berry Bikini of the Day

Halle Berry Ass in a Black Bikini

Halle Berry lives matter….and she’s black like Halle Berry…which isn’t black at all…you know since she was raised white, and the only black thing about her is that she never met her dad who was black….

Halle Berry has been given access to her own social media so that she can connect with her fans the way she always wanted to, the way she got work in the first place….but that we didn’t know because they kept an arm’s length or wall between fans and talent…never too old.

Speaking of black lives matter – I saw a few black kids at the pool horse playing and the white lifeguard told them to follow the rules and their mom got up from her chair freaking out on the lifeguard saying her kids were just having fun and made it a race thing…everyone is so sensitive and into making everything into something – kids don’t need to follow the rules and if you tell them to – you racist….

But if you jerk off to Halle Berry you aren’t, so prove you’re not…..

Halle Berry Topless in a Black Bikini


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