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Demi Lovato Straight Up Butt Shot of the Day

Demi Lovato has really taken it upon herself to show off her ass as often as possible, not because she’s bi-polar, or because she’s crazy or on drugs, but because she’s a 30 something year old girl whored out by her parents just trying to stay relevant and feel good..

The highlight of this post isn’t her covering her asshole strategic..it’s that when I wrote “Stay”, I accidentally wrote SATAY….so funny…maybe cuz I’m drunk…maybe cuz I can’t be bothered talking or writing drivel no one reads about some fat chick who is famous, despite me not knowing anything she’s done, not that I am an expert by any means, I really don’t care about this shit..I just don’t know why I am writing about an obvious cry for attention ass shot…like this is a ridiculous ass shot…what the hell girl.

At least she hides her GUNT…while she’s doing it…no one wants to see any of that….except maybe you perverts…


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