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Mena Suvari’s Bikini Top of the Day

Hey Mena, from that angle, you don’t look like you have an alien of a head…..you know this picture makes me laugh because most girls are angling themselves so that they don’t look fat…and have mastered the perfect look or pose to make their insecure spots look good or less obvious…they pop the booty, or as it’s called PUSH the booty, they all have a good side….and have spent years doing it…and in Mena Suvari’s case…she’s like “show tit, angle head like this, and I’ll look like a human, no one will notice I am visiting from afar to see how our experiments are going”….and I find it funny knowing she probably took ten pics of this before feeling like her forehead was just right and I guess that’s why I’m posting this.

She is old though….and if memory serves me well…is that even the expression…I remember she had a great round booty with the same surface area as her forehead so it was fucking huge…where’s that booty now…in an era of all girls having booty…cuz this cleavage is less eventful…that full on 40 year old ass.


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