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Candice Swanepoel Nude of the Day

candice swanepoel nude mirror selfie

I guess it is safe to say that Candice Swanepoel is on the comeback tour. She knows that now that the baby number 2 in her perpetual pregnancy has been shat out – it’s time to get back to social media with the slutty to get noticed, attention, generate buzz and keep the brand happy that their Mat Leave girl is back in the mix, after she’s abandoned them for 3 years breeding like the pervert who is addicted to being cummed inside that she is.

Point being, that she may represent the reason why companies shouldn’t hire women, with their whole pregnancy…leaving the company in shambles with no regard to the business at hand or their role in the company…and just selfishly want to breed….disgusting character really, typical but disgusting….bring the whole ship down so you can go have a fucking kid and expect to get paid the whole time because it’s your right as a woman – fuck off.

Other point is…keep up the nudes Candice..the banged out pussy is not offensive to me…I can handle it…don’t be shy mom pussy owner…don’t keep it from us with these “high art concept” pieces…

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