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Rita Ora Bikini Whorin’ of the Day

I’ve seen Rita Ora’s tits in a previous post HERE

I’ve done a fucking ton of posts on Rita Ora….

The first post I did on her was when she was seen with Rihanna at a club back in 2012….

This is what I wrote….

Rita Ora, SOME NEWBIE BITCH I’VE POSTED ON BEFORE is much like the fat white girl in white pants outside a black club I walked by this past weekened, cuz she is getting a lot of black man attention….

They are calling her pudgy little body the next Rihanna….and I haven’t bothered looking up her music….cuz I don’t really care about crappy pop music that is going to just end up polluting my brain everywhere I go where radio is on….if anything it just makes me angry how culturally devoid we are….in all aspects of our lives based on the crap we all ingest daily….

Well, she’s still on the same hustle, since that post I learned she has great tits, that she’s not a white fat bitch with a tanning bed addiction, she doesn’t only fuck black guys that I still don’t know any of her songs, and I don’t know if anyone does, but she’s been going to all the events and making a name for herself all these years, it’s not quite an overnight success..we’re talking 6 fucking years and FINALLY getting the attention she wants…

The only difference is that Rihanna hates her, got her kicked off her label and that she’s got a toned stomach, that was once a gut…looks more toned…and those tits…amazing.

And the depressing thing in all this is that I’ve been running this site for 6 years….

Even more depressing..

It’s been 14 years…

Here’s her great tits in a video:


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