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Ashley Graham Big Fat Ass in Leggings of the Day

Ashley Graham Big Fat Ass Tight Leggings

Despite Ashley Graham’s size, and presence, and displacement of the earth’s gravity pull, or the epic sounds she makes when she farts, or when she gets up off the couch, that can be heard over three continients thanks to obesity that is being celebrated and normalizing being unhealthy to help the pharma industries get everyone on Diabetes meds…in what I assume was dropped into the pop culture world by the Pharma industries for that very reason…but that the general public doesn’t realize is part of an elaborate scam…

I try to pretend she doesn’t exist…so staring at her ass in leggings is strictly a post to point out everything wrong in this style choice that I know you’ve seen numerous times just leaving your house….because fat chicks doesn’t realize that just because leggings are comfy as fuck for them, even when harnessing it doesn’t mean it looks good….


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