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Colostomy Bag Pole Dancer of the Day

This is my kind of empowering, you know because the world needs more handi-capable things….don’t let your disability, health issue, thing that makes you different that you’d normally be ashamed of get in the way of getting half naked.

This pole dancer named Chloe Wilson, was told by her nurse that she would never wear a bikini, like I was told by my high school teacher that I would never make it, only I lived up to the expectations, or no expectations people had for me, while this Chloe Wilson said fuck it…I’m going to show her that STOMA bags can be hot, that some people even have STOMA bag fetishes, and even if some people find colostomy bags gross, they have to remember that it means no feces getting in the way of ass licking, so that we are all designed for stoma bag erotica…like who cares where the waste product goes…as long as it’s not on my dick…or face…keep it off to the side in a bag…the only weirdness happens when you try to stick your dick in the stoma.

POINT BEING…I am all for empowering women who would normally be too shy to get half naked – getting half naked…because half naked is wonderful…don’t let rashes, skin disorders, etc getting in the fucking way.

She is not this Chloe Wilson….who you can see HERE …but this Chloe Wilson, aspiring social media girl is good.

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