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Jennifer Lopez Bikini of the Day

Jennifer Lopez Slutty TIts White Bikini

Fat ass Jennifer Lopez also has fat titties….because that’s what happens when you get older and have kids…before menopause hits and girl turns into a man…because if you know any 55+ women…you will know that they are far more man-like than they were at 25….but not this J.Lo because thanks to being a rich egotistical narcissistic star with all kinds of fans…has a team of people, from cooks, to trainers, to cosmetic surgeons, to doctors, hormone therapy, etc….allowing her to keep this bullshit up, because she’s not happy with the pile of money she’s made, she needs more….Typical over-achiever…just polluting our lives because they feel entitled to….while walking around half naked, all casual, in her fitness gear that is pretty slutty…like all the 50 year old stay at home moms I see in the rich neighborhoods doing groceries and grabbing Starbucks after Spin class….

It’s not terrible, it’s good for 50, but I never gave a fuck about J.Lo and her bullshit exploitation of being Puerto Rican to get ahead…while the Puerto Ricans buy into it cuz they give her hope…she is one of them and she knows it…so she markets herself to them. The Loyal Fans…while being so disconnected and Hollywood. Garbage.

Jennifer Lopez Slutty Bikini


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