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Halsey Hard Nipples of the Day

Halsey Hard Nipples Tight Yellow Shirt

If you don’t think Halsey is worth a fuck, then you a racist, you Proud Boy motherfucker…because if you didn’t realize by her look, her dad is black, she identifies as black, which is why she’s white as fuck making EDM vocals for lame white people music….you know…she’s got flavor…and was an ex drug addict – party slut – before being the super star you see here today…

This is the WHITE-IFICATION of America, where even the black girls are white as fuck, and when trying to relate to her black grand parents, it’s a “sit the fuck down” situation….cuz even they think she’s white…

I can guarantee she has had ZERO racism directed at her EVER…other than people being like “you’re dad is black, oh my god”….which she took as mixed race racism…when really it’s just shock cuz most people with black parents are far cooler than this white dried up dog shit.

Hard nipples though….

Here he is doing her best black girl shuffle
Halsey Black Dancing Shaking her Ass


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