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Aubrey O’Day Erotica of the Day

Aubrey ODay Big Fake Tits Sheer Lace Dress

Aubrey O’Day is on a comeback tour, because I guess MTV is bringing back everything that ever worked for them in a scramble to figure out how to become relevant again…

I guess they don’t realize that buying a few MEME accounts on instagram is the answer, it’s where they will find the young people, and it will account for far more eyeballs and impressions than their original content they spend millions on.

I wonder if Viacom, who I think still owns MTV, realizes that if they were to spend 10 million dollars on Meme accounts, lets say 50 meme accounts, they’d have a bigger audience than any of their shows ever…..and they could have 10 employees run it…and they wouldn’t need to have all that overhead owning all those networks….

It’s a DIY world, no one gives a fuck about MTV…

But they are brining back The Hills, a show the kids they want to reach never heard of, and they are brining back Danity Kane, because the 90s were a good time, and thanks to some smoke and mirrors, fitness and face injections – Aubrey O’Day looks fucking legendary…better than ever…like a sex worker, sex doll, porn star, it’s hot and I believe in whatever the fuck it is she’s doing….


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