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Lucy Hale Cleavage of the Day

Lucy Hale See Through Black Nude Shirt

Lucy Hale is very very important because she was on a show called Pretty Little Liars, that got her a huge fanbase of 14 year old girls on social media, and those 14 year olds who still follow her are now 20 and prime clients to market to. So the brands jerk off to her, throw money at her and give her roles and make her exist….

So she’s still out there, she’s still working, she’s on a new show, she’s got her tits out….barely, but enough to remind you that she’s here, she’s ready and that the guys who follow her to jerk off to her are going to need to stretch the imagination because she’s not out there topless like the other whores….we haven’t seen her nipples but sometimes, like in the 80s and 90s, or when working in an office and you try to keep everything professional and cleavage has to do…

Lucy Hale…keeping it professional…because someone has to in this world of everyone a whore.


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