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Nina Agdal Topless Selfie of the Day

Nina Agdal Tits Topless Mirror Selfie

Nina Agdal brought her retard forehead in full DOWNS SYNDROME glory to everyone’s attention in what could be a hotel room instillation of lameness – with some bullshit fashion quote that idiots find inspiring or interesting – because people are fucking retards and have no taste…and they fucking love quotes as they speak to their narcissism…

She also brought her tits, old tits, but tits that have been used to create Nina Agdal as both a Swimsuit model, because you don’t need to be non-retarded to be a swim model, you just need to be in a bikini…..and Leo’s sloppy seconds cuz he never knocked this bitch up..he probably doesn’t want no retard bastard babies running around…

Here they are being squeezed up with her hands….as you’d do…if you want the world to see you feel yourself up and by world I mean her lame fan base of perverts like you.


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