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Nina Dobrev Topless for Fashion of the Day

Nina Dobrev Tits Out for Fashion

As a Canadian, Nina Dobrev is very important to us. You know an immigrant who used the lenient immigration laws in Canada to come through to North America and establish a life, that she relocated to Los Angeles to be on a hit show that I never watched because it was about Vampires and Vampires are stupid….only to never return to Canada…but instead give all her celebrity money to the US in exchange for a work visa, so that she could really be Hollywood…stealing jobs from other Canadians we’d rather export to the US to be on HIT shows….and then stealing jobs from Americans being the immigrant she is.

What I see when I see her is a failed sex worker, because when she moved here in the first place, she could have just as easily become an escort working out of a Toronto club doing bottle service…but instead she’s doing this…which I guess is some level of sex work, but not the kind that can give you AIDS or get you beat up by Russian pimps…

Nina Dobrev Tits Out for Fashion


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