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Bella Hadid Anorexia Inspo of the Day

Bella Hadid Anorexia Inso for Instagram Bra and Panties

Bella Hadid who has been clearly starving herself, I assume for the VS fashion show because Victoria’s Secret likes to use any click bait they can get and this one has a huge following and is their honorary angel that they use to get coverage on social media because apparently people care…

Well as it turns out..she’s doing the whole anorexia thing, yet no one is giving her shit for trying to be skinny because the world loves everything about her…which I find weird..like her face.

So I can’t hate someone for bringing Anorexia back. I like the skinny and however it happens…I just would like to see someone end this trash and her scam career…and besides being anorexic there is zero else about her that has any level of scandal, vibe, flavor..she’s dull but half naked and skinny usually makes dull tolerable..

I still hate her and all she represents though.


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