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Bella Thorne Naked in New Video of the Day

Bella Thorne launched a makeup line because she’s realized that kids have access to their parent’s credit cards and buy shit they think is cool on the internet all fucking day…making a bitch like Bella Thorne who has a huge audience from her Disney Roots make far more money than if she was just to do a traditional brand deal holding the make-up and smiling. It’s on some Kylie Jenner shit, do it yourself with a supplier, private LABEL that shit, and make fucking money. Plus she can always sell the asset off when she is done with it for far more return than a fucking brand deal pic that ends with the brand deal pic….

It’s a clever use of social media, make those margins instead of the big brands, it’s a way to get these trendy on social media people even more rich. A lot of them are smart enough to be doing it, whether it is with bikini lines, underwear lines, cosmetic lines and it’s working for them…

I appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit especially when it’s with girls who realize whoring out is the answer…that tits get hits…that being naked and weird will get shared more than not being naked…and that her big tits have value and can lead to direct sales….

I figure that if you have millions of followers and you haven’t launched a company selling product, you’re a fucking idiot who doesn’t know your followers and are wasting opportunity….so Bella Thorne although trashy and annoying and a phoney…just mainstream Disney Shit being the new face of Disney Shit…cuz this is where the market is at…is clever enough to get paid….

Here is a close up video of her BUSH


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