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Jenna Dewan Abs in Cosmopolitan Magazine of the Day

Channing Tatum’s dancing ex wife, who was smart enough to lock him in before he was very famous, only to cash in on his success so that while he’s out there with Jesse J from the UK, his new Girlfriend, despite being a queer mail stripper who I am sure fucked his way to the Magic Mike Millions…because Hollywood is a bunch of weirdo rich queer drug addict perverts getting shit done in a Glamourous way that the world looks on with awe not realizing how trash these people are…

Well, she’s out there showing off her stomach that once was a back-up dancer and that now looks like it’s just an instagram slut a bunch of years older, a face that looks ape-like, trying to feel good about herself, doing media even though she doesn’t do anything….other than be a divorcee to some dude who likes to dance….

Point being…they are all a bunch of weirdo rich perverts.


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