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Beatrice Bouchard Sucking It In of the Day

Beatrice Bouchard Bikini Sucking It In

The thing I like about local hero, local influencer, making big moves as a vapid rich kid riding her sister’s success…is that it is a great reminder of one very important thing and that is that people are drawn to the sexy, slutty, half naked twin, even though the sister is the star Tennis player who has done shit like all the biggest fucking Tennis Tournaments in the world, has huge sponsorship deals in Canada and internationally…..but this one…Beatrice Bouchard….gets all the hype and attention…the twin who just does lifestyle shit…lazily riding through life and getting paid…

Now she’s not nearly as famous or making nearly as much as her famous sister, but I predict that she will when she full hits viral status and that is hilarious to me.

Why have skills or work at anything but your booty workout and cleavage pics….

Reward the retard underachievers so long as they are hot..


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