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Alexis Ren’s Sneaker Collection of the Day

Alexis Ren turned to her social media family, you know her people who are there for her through the dark times, and the good times…the kind of people who would buy her nude calendar or sign up to her Patreon to pay her a monthly fee…to show off her Sneaker Collection….

Because this is about the sneakers people…

Good luck finding anyone who doesn’t sexualize themselves on social media to get ahead…the sad news is the brands are moving away from the whores and looking for more refined talent…which means nudity will finally be penalized like it was before instagram…so all the whores saying “it’s easy to get followers get naked”…will have to be clever…yet none of these sluts or their handouts are clever…they just know how to show off their bolt on tits…so here’s the bolt on tits.

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