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Hailey Baldwin’s Man Face Half Naked Cuz She’s a Fake Jesus Freak – a Christian Imposter of the Day

Attention seeking, vapid and useless Hailey Baldwin is half naked again during her quest of attention seeking, despite pretending to be a Christian and everything about her is non Christian..from ego to entitlement…to what she offers the world or contributes to the world with her half naked man face…she may in her idiotic, unintelligent mind this she’s wit god on tis Journey…but she’s trash who disrespects that god she believes in – even if he’s ever forgiving.

Now I don’t believe in religion, or God…I can’t grasp the concept or the lack of evidence or data to prove it…which is why I don’t preach the word of the lord and run a smutty website no one respects…But Hailey Baldwin pretends she’s one of god’s people and but all her actions are a lie…working against it…

Looks like someone needs to go back to the Jesus Camp her dad put her in…because as far as I’m concerned this post Hailey Baldwin posted is using the LORD’S NAME IN VAIN (look down)….which is really what she’s been doing her entire public life as a daughter of second or third tier Baldwin who befriended the Hadids and Jenners and became a second or third tier instagram model….before marrying Bieber without a prenup because he pretends he’s religious also and this is what they think is God’s will because they are all fucking delusional – entitled rich kids….

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