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Olivia Culpo in Activewear Of the Day

Olivia Culpo like every mom under 55 at the grocery store…is busting out the fitness activewear like she just went to the gym, or left the gym, to look like she’s fit and active, when she probably just starves herself out…

Maybe all the 55 and under moms at the grocery store are dressed like this because people like Olivia Culpo are REAL influencers and have REAL influence on people via their social media channels.

I would argue that no one knows who Olivia Culpo, despite all her followers…that may or may not be real…but that I will assume are not real…because nothing is real…but the brands are ok with that as they pay her stupid money to post their shit and attend their events…you know things she would do for free but now gets paid for cuz marketing is mental and social media is dumb..,but works for some people…and the reality is all the moms in activewear are so basic, mainstream and obvious…that they do probably all follow Culpo because they are on that instagram thing all the young people are doing and….it’s where they shop….not bad for a sugar baby, instagram slut, who fucks celebs and athletes…to get followers…to make money…SCAM the system in reverse anarchy…where you become the most candy coated mainstream version of the system. Lame.

Point being…Culpo is garbage…but keep up the activewear…it allows me to see pussy definition in public always…not that I go out in public…but ya know….

Here she is in some see through shit – NIPPLE??
Olivia Culpo See Through Tits


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