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Hilary Duff Swimsuit of the Day

Hilary Duff Swimsuit

Hilary Duff is in a Swimsuit is the biggest thing you will see all day…

Not just because she is showing off her thick, crossfit looking, mom of two body.

Not because she is sturdy as fuck and looks like she could move heavy appliances on her own.

Not because she has high muscle tone, and high testosterone, giving her a high sex drive that got her knocked up more than one…with different men…like some kind of irresponsible heathen at the Abortion clinic not sure which dude to notify cuz they all come in her.

But because she’s Hilary Duff…and will always be relevant…because she’s Hilary Duff….and people grew up on her, like an old friend…on some vacation selfies that you’re jerking off to cuz you remember the glory days of when you were all young and you wanted to fuck her….it’s basically how people use social media with girls from highschool..only there for the vacation pics…but the celeb version and that alone is huge.


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