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Kate Beckinsale Slutty of the Day

Kate Beckinsale Slutty

I don’t know if Kate Beckinsale is one of the people paying for her daughter to get into school, because she does have a slutty daughter, you would assume needs to have her admissions test forged by an insider, because she’s slutty on social media and I like to assume that sluts can’t be smart even though sluts are smart for being sluts..easy way to get where they want to go to manipulate…

I do know that Kate Beckinsale loves the attention she’s getting, the being seen as the ot chick she’s always been seen as, out there fucking 20 year old dudes…some who may be her daughter’s friends…because old rich women can be as perverted as old rich men..but in Beckinsale’s case…she’s hotter thank most 25 year old women..so it seems less creepy…but I don’t know how many miles that cunt has on her….but like any used car…it’s likely rolled back and this outfit is like the paintjob that you get distracted by and buy into..without looking at the actual engine…or smelling it to make sure there are no leaks.


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