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Fiona Gubelmann Nipples for TV of the Day

Fiona Gubelmann fucking for TV

Fiona Gubelmann is an actress, but her name sounds like someone excited for thanksgiving dinner….you know ready to gobble up the meal….gobble gobble…

Her name doesn’t sound familiar though..but it is one of those moments where you may want to take Olivia Wilde’s lead and give yourself a stage name…

The history of Hollywood is based on Jewish people giving themselves non Jewish names to manipulate the media and the audience into not being racist against them….because the audience was racist against them….if they knew what they were dealing with….it was America after all…and the changing of the name didn’t compromise anything for anyone, it was just basic marketing to not alienate yourself….and to let your true self not be lost in superficial shit with a name…..

She’s out there with her tits out for TV…but not out there with some fucking name that makes her tits for TV more appealing….

Strippers have been doing it forever, built that character, that celebrity version of yourself…no one cares about GUBELMANN….give us something hotter to fall into….basic fucking marketing…that clearly she understands since her tits are out…no one needs to be faced with the name GUBELMANN when looking at tits…Seriously.


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