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Mel B Fucked Ginger Spice of the Day

Mel B Fucked Ginger Spice

In CLICKBAIT NEWS…. MEL B HAS REVEALED THAT SHE HAD SEX WITH GINGER SPICE BACK IN THE 90s …which means all your spice girl dreams have come true…22 years later…knowing that stripper Ginger, who we’ve seen naked in her early work as a nude model…and Mel B the hard nipples in their first video, who at the time were the two hottest of the Spice Girls…have eaten each other’s cunts, or scissored, like lesbians do…but didn’t stay lesbian cuz lesbianism is a myth, it’s just masturbation with friends…and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

It’s a big story, it’s big news, the media is loving it and despite avoiding all stories, since I don’t feel like a reporter or journalist, even though I wouldn’t mind being one if I wasn’t so lazy….I’ve decided to post it….

Look at me, growing up into a Media Empire posting news that was probably on Daily Mail 4 days ago.

Mel B Fucked Ginger Spice


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