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Mel B Fucked Ginger Spice of the Day

Mel B Fucked Ginger Spice

In CLICKBAIT NEWS…. MEL B HAS REVEALED THAT SHE HAD SEX WITH GINGER SPICE BACK IN THE 90s …which means all your spice girl dreams have come true…22 years later…knowing that stripper Ginger, who we’ve seen naked in her early work as a nude model…and Mel B the hard nipples in their first video, who at the time were the two hottest of the Spice Girls…have eaten each other’s cunts, or scissored, like lesbians do…but didn’t stay lesbian cuz lesbianism is a myth, it’s just masturbation with friends…and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

It’s a big story, it’s big news, the media is loving it and despite avoiding all stories, since I don’t feel like a reporter or journalist, even though I wouldn’t mind being one if I wasn’t so lazy….I’ve decided to post it….

Look at me, growing up into a Media Empire posting news that was probably on Daily Mail 4 days ago.

Mel B Fucked Ginger Spice


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Mel B Nipples and Scars of the Day

Melanie B Topless Nipples and Pink Panties

If seeing Mel B, Scary Spice and her scary tits, that at one point in her life were hot tits, but that I guess she’s had rebuilt a few times after childbirth and getting old as fuck tits, that shouldn’t be exposed tits….but that are exposed tits…doesn’t turn you on…you are a crazy person…

Because there is nothing hotter than a set of bold on tits, topless tanning because that’s what you do for the paparazzi when you either want attention, or you don’t give a fuck about being seen topless cuz you’ve pulled off your series of scams, you’re rich and you’re just living your baby momma of Eddie Murphy’s baby life..

I come from an era of the fake tit, put that Plastic in your skin despite it being plastic, not the era of “I don’t drink out of plastic bottles”…so I like a good fake tits, even if I’ve only had sex with one set of fake tits, and have touched thousands of fake tits, and spent time hating on fake tits…it still feels nostalgic to see…but maybe it’s just nostalgic because of the ancient relic of pop culture who is topless in the pics…

Melanie B Topless Nipples and Pink Panties

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Mel B Bikini of the Day

Mel B Tits in a White Bikini on Vacation in Palm Springs

I’ll tell you what I want – What I really really want…I want Mel B to turn back time, around 20 or so years….to revisit that very first day I saw her in a music video…her nipples hard in her green shirt…back when I was capable of jerking off to music videos…because internet connections were slow and janky…and the computer wasn’t in my room…but cable TV, that shit was all over the fucking place…and walking that fine line of erotica and pop culture…when sex was used to sell product, the way it still is, but more women took ownership on it….and were less annoying about it and didn’t call it the “Patriarchy”…

She’s in a bikini, not bad for a woam who has had Eddie Murphy’s love child, amongst other children…despite being old…

I mean she’s pretty fucking ripped, her nipples still hard, so many years later…no bad…

Mel B Ass Bent Over in White Bikini on Vacation in Palm Springs

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I am – Mel B Upskirt of the Day


Here are some pictures of Mel B almost showing a post pregnancy upskirt, because she did just have a baby that she claims is Eddy Murphey’s about a month ago. Reality that her post pregnancy fat thighs rubbing together and not the gateway to her empty womb, like you want. I was talking to a friend about the concept of Fuck Friends the other day. Usually, the kind of girl who wants a fuck friend is not the kind of girl who gets emotionally vested in banging, which means she can have all the one night stands her heart desires while you’re at home playing xbox, waiting for her phone call to invite you over to bang, which she only does on Sundays or Mondays because those nights aren’t spent at the club….Or she’s the kind of girl who does get emotionally vested in banging, leaving you with a girlfriend after the tenth time you bang, or when she finds out you had a one night stand. All this to say it never really works out your way, because girls can get sex a lot easier than guys, and that is probably why Mel B doesn’t know who her daddy is, like an episode of Maury.

I saw these pictures without the upskirt shot at some point last week and wrote about a Spice Girls Reunion party or some shit, you can check it out HERE, if you have nothing better to…

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