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Elsa Hosk See Through of the Day

Elsa Hosk See Through

It is Coachella weekened and it looks like Elsa Hosk is in the Desert getting ready to rage along with all the other instagram girl who brands are paying to be there, making what may have once been a cool festival, lamer than fucking ever, because it is one big money making advertising summit, and not just something fun, or cool that people want to be a part of.

Sure the younger kids don’t understand cultural moments, other than an Egg going viral on instagram, and they are force fed ads all day without even realizing it, and they want to b the ones being paid to go to these places, so that they just end up wanting to be a part of some commercial bullshit, without realizing it, by trying to be self important assholes that they are…

It’s some fear of missing out, this is one of the stops on the instagram tour every year, participate to be relevant situations.

But that all makes the event seem fucking awful, but not as awful as Monday will be for me when I am uploading all the slutty outfits…

Elsa Hosk got a head start in whatever it is she’s wearing by Victoria’s Secret who ar paying her to be there, Victoria’s Secret, which as JOSIE CANSECO will tell you is a dream company despite overpriced sweatshop made products that are sold in every mall as cool and exclusive things rarely are…and Elsa Hosk will remind you…she’s pretty fucking great.

Naughty instagram….right here…right now.


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