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Hailey Baldwin Tight Shorts of the Day

Hailey Baldwin Tight Shorts

Hailey Baldwin, Bieber’s potentially pregnant wife, who pretends to be a modern Christian, despite everything she does going against everything I know about the Christian Church, in what feels like a cop out, that other non religious people can’t judge her for, because her relationship with Christ is her own, and who are we to decide if a follower of Christ is allowed to be a vapid half naked try hard who had premarital sex, who partied, who wanted to be a Jenner/Kardashian/Hadid and groupied them despite the evil they exude, who modelled and self promoted in the sluttiest of ways, who wanted to be famous for in non Christian ways, that whether we feel modesty is necessary to be religious or not, is still out there with her vagina eating her shorts…the way God intended it or not…I just find it silly…the whole thing silly. These people are all so full of shit, which is ok, cuz no one pays that much attention to them, since they are not very interesting.


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