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Katy Perry Panty Flasher of the Day

Katy Perry Panty Flasher

I can’t believe Katy Perry still uses the shark dancers.

I am going to assume this is a very old clip that we just came across in our lab of finding slutty content from slutty famous people and slutty girls trying to be famous…

Because if this bitch, with all the money she’s made, without having any real talent, is still milking a costume she came up with many years ago, instead of trying to speak to a new generation, or do something cool since she can afford to, she’s just sticking to a tired and familiar act…it’s a huge waste of celebrity.

It’s like so many other people are better suited, hotter, less awkward, with better ideas that this bitch…and the fact that she’s famous may offend me as a concept, but really offends me if she’s not even trying new shit out….cuz she doesn’t have to.

The whole thing – so dump – check out her red panties though, you can see her dick.

Katy Perry Panty FlasherKaty Perry Panty Flasher


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