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Kaia Gerber Hard Nipples of the Day

Kaia Gerber Hard Nipples

Is Kaia Gerber 18 yet?

You fucking perverts out there on the internet sexualizing Cindy Crawford’s daughter like you were Cindy Crawford…..you know stage parenting her so that the daughter has a life of her own doing what momma did in the model world, despite not ever needing to work since her dad sold his tequila company for hundreds of millions of dollars and momma is Cindy Crawford, who also has fat bank accounts…so instead of buying her way into college to get her an education where theat she could made a difference in the world…they have her out there doing modeling, the least skillful thing a person can do, just sit and pose like mommy taught you, to keep mommy’s legacy alive as mommy rots into her 60s….as women do.

The whole thing, very weird….but I see I bright future ahead for her….one filled with nude artistic shoots because that is what models do….

I just don’t think she’s 18 yet, and just cuz that didnt’ stop her momma, it should stop you. Sicko. But it wont’…Sicko.


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