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Barbara Palvin Topless of the Day

Barbara Palvin Topless

AS YOU KNOW SINCE I HAVE WRITTEN THIS BEFORE Barbara Palvin is the plus sized model that Victoria’s Secret fired, or gave a lot less work to over the last 3-4 years since Stella Maxwell stole her job, even though she was their young prized hen from Hungary that they smuggled in on their Human Trafficking ring….

She was a patsy for Miranda Kerr who was out there fucking Bieber, basically thrown into the media hype of being a VICTORIA’S SECRET Angel early on, only to have it ripped from her as she grew up…

Thanks to the pressure of the media, who give VS shit for not hiring fat chicks, in what shouldn’t even be a conversation, like make the underwear in fat sizes sure, or start a brand for fat chicks too, but to put them in the marketing, come the fuck on, even fat chicks don’t want to be fat chicks, or look at fat chicks… it’s usually a product of circumstance,

The brand gave into the pressure, gave this one a call cuz she was already in their system, and figured make her an Angel, she’ll forget she was rejected, plus she needs them for her work VISA…so it’s an easy solution to their fat girl problem…and instead of being mad for being fired for being fat, she was happy to be hired for being fat..and she’s out there showing off what this generation’s body looks like…in pretty provocative poses…

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