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Marisa Papen Having a Beer with her Bush of the Day

Marisa Papen is a known internet nude model, who has called herself an artist, and her art is getting nude in random places, because the nude body is not something we should punish, but rather celebrate, and I’m fully on board with that, because I like looking a naked chicks….

We may live in a world where violence in movies gets lower rating than sex in movies, because we want everyone angry at each other, instead of fucking each other or jerking off all day, even everyone is just jerking off all day….to “porn” being “bad”…when really it’s human fucking nature, interaction and normal…except maybe for the direction porn has taken where it’s also borderline criminal in most places…but you perverts get what I am saying and that is that seeing a bitch with her portuguese beer on some sand dune fully nude…rocking a perfect bush…is great and all girls should be doing this…if they aren’t already…and they probably are…cuz the internet has made them all whores…but they don’t think they are whores…so let’s just let them keep the nude supply high.

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