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Shakira Bikini Shaking of the Day

Shakira Bikini

Shakira was one of the most irritating hispanic stars to break through during that hispanic hype that washed over America, thanks to 50 percent of the population being hispanic, and thus having a huge impact on what was a hit song and what wasn’t…..allowing this hispanic to penetrate the industry and become a massive hit – despite how annoying her weird singing voice was….

So as it turns out, the now 40 year old Shakira, who once sang about her breasts being small and humble, reminding you to focus on her ass…is out producing bikini selfie video content showing off her ass in a bikini as she should….

It’s a big deal, because these international stars like Shakira….have this massive global celebrity…..

So maybe my posting her pics, as a mom, in bikini, showing off a fat ass, because her breasts are small and humble…will finally put this site on the map….

I like to make bikini asses in motion about me.


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