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Kristen Bell Naked for Veronica Mars of the Day

Kristen Bell Naked Veronica Mars

I don’t find Kristen Bell hot. I did not watch Veronica Mars. I hated her in Sarah Marshall – but thought Kunis was amazing in it. She’s married to a low level celeb who offends me. So seeing her strategic naked for some revisiting of some bullshit that had some hype a decade ago, because hollywood is out of ideas, or just trying to milk things that already exists, raping them up the ass until they can’t walk no more kind of milking, instead of just starting a new thing, cuz the old thing has a track record and more opportunity to win…

So seeing the mom I didn’t find hot a decade ago do weird nude scenes – is pretty fucking weak….I expect more out of you HOLLYWOOD…like at least try to give us boners…it pays off in the long run.

Kristen Bell Naked Veronica Mars


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