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Courtney Stodden Still Alive of the Day

Courtney Stodden Still Alive

I would have to say the biggest fail, other than overall failure, in my life…because overall, or top level failure as I like to call it is encompassing, but even when living that failure life, opportunities happen and if you havee a failure mentality from all the failure that’s created the cloud of top level, overall, encompassing failure…you don’t see them…and if you’re me….the biggest opportunity from doing this site happened when COURTNEY STODDEN or her team/publicist who I guess I had some sort of connection to from other shit he worked on before STODDEN…you know I have a website so people have me on email lists…usually accidental cuz when I email back for more details they retract the interview request….but in this case…he invited me to her Halloween party…and I didn’t go. I am broke in Canada…I can’t jet set to LA to stay in a hotel for a Courtney Stoddeen party…but I should have tried to figure it out and make it happen…because she’s great….

I am not delusional, like when a blogger I hated from back in the titty blog days went to LA on all his blogger money, cuz these bloggers used to make 100k a month, I never did, but the Google Ads running blogs did, anyway, he was invited to LA to see Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show…which was a relevant blog for nerds..and motherfucker thought she’d think he was a cool blogger guy and fucking sit or shit on his face but instead treated him like the fan boy loser he is, you know a give him a signed 8×10 to jerk off to, that’ll make his day….cuz bloggers are idiots…

So the goal wasn’t to have sex with Stodden, it was to be there for thee LOLz of it…but I didn’t go, so there’s not much of a story here, other than her clown-like titties!! Wonderful clown-like, circus, titties!!



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