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Camila Mendes Gets Wet of the Day

Camila Mendes Gets Wet

Camila Mendes on a boat with Vanessa Morgan and Kiernan Shipka because I guess the CW wants all their trash to partner up and vacation together for the paparazzi as it is good press for their show, and not a bad gig for the girls who are already loving life thanks to making it in the world as CW actors on both Riverdale and the Spinoff Sabrina the Teenage Witch…an Archie Comics Double Digest that has nothing to do with the Archie Comics I used to read as a weird pervert immigrant child….

Point being, none of the actors are hot….which is weird when you have a shit show…and weird when you factor in that I am an obese, impotent, pussy loving pervert that has fucked some gross shit in my life…yet I look at Veronica and Sabrina and think…”how did they get on TV”….

The black girl, Vanessa Morgan is pretty good though. I am not just saying that cuz she’s from OTTAWA CANADA our Nation’s capital….and I am not saying that because Canada doesn’t have Free Speech laws and if I said anything else these Politically Correct overly nice, so nice it’s racist, good people of my country would say it is hate speech…I am saying it cuz look at that ass….I see Veronica trying…but she’s not where she needs to be, even if she’s got a more important part on the show and makes more money being in the core cast….Vanessa Morgan is winning here….because when girls get together in bikinis…It’s a competition, they just don’t know it…even though they totally know it…as they struggle to be the hottest one….


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