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Charlotte McKinney is Naked of the Day

Charlotte McKinney Naked

Charlotte McKinney is naked because it is her Birthday….or maybe these pics are just circulating because they are her best work and also because it is her Birthday….I have a hard time believing that the internet cares enough about Charlotte Mckinney to know it is her Birthday and to dedicate a nude shot of hers to her for her birthday…and I am inclined to think this was all strategic on her end. You know, “let’s release birthday suit pics on my birthday for a story people pick up”. It’s not like that would take too much planning or strategy….and either way, however it happened or for whatever reason it happened, Charlotte McKinney looks far better naked than clothed….which is probably the case for most people…I just don’t fully understand why her nipples are “stars”…like stop that right now…if you’re going to be bold….be bold this censor a nipple thing is so dated….let’s be progressive going into one year closer to being too old to jack off to.

Charlotte McKinney Naked

Charlotte McKinney Naked


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