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Bianca Andreescu Tennis Champ Titties of the Day

Bianca Andreescu Bikini

Bianca Andreescu is not hot, but she’s HOT in terms of the media loving her for beating some old fat tennis player, who may be the best, but who is also rich, lazy and near 40, in what I find surprising that no one else has been able to match in the sport, because sports ability is supposed to evolve and the young youngs are supposed to b dramatically better than the olds…

Either way, this one is now a crow favorite, and based on her interviews I could tell she listens to too much drake, speaks in MEMES and is first to show off her fitness ass, cuz it’s an ass, and she’s been told through media asses are good…now that the people are watching…because tennis is cool and all, it made her 4 million in a day, but influencers is where its at…or some shit…

It’s funny to think that a girl accomplishes a huge fucking thing, like winning the US open and within a 4 days, is have naked with her ass out, crawling around for a slutty selfie, cuz that is what they ACTUALLY care about….if you don’t believe me, just ask the other Canadian tennis star….EUGENIE BOUCHARD

Bianca Andreescu Bikini


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