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Jojo’s Hard Nips of the Day

Jojo barely mattered when she mattered but she’s still out there kicking it, probably making over a million dollars a year being Jojo, the Disney Kid who retired at 19, only to come back at 25, to do whatever it is she’s doing..

In those years she grew fat tits that I don’t know if she had when she was famous her first time around, because I always thought she looked like a little dude, and there were far more interesting Disney Kids to pay attention to, like our girl LINDSAY MOTHERFUCKING LOHAN…the legend of our time…and Jojo was an afterthough

But she’s doing a good job to remind us that her nipples get hard in this pic posted to her IG story that she knew her nipples were hard in…on some Jennifer Aniston in Friend’s strategy…look how good that worked out for her….

They may just be nipples…exactly…they are nipples.

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