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Ashley Graham Nude and Scary of the DAy

Ashley Graham Nude and Scary

If you ate too much this weekend and need to have a good purge, take this photo to the toilet with you and start heaving.

You can read my archive of Ashley Graham and how her fat empowerment is ruining society as we know it, fat girls shouldn’t get paid for their looks unless it’s for fetish porn, and even then it’s only for a rare group of people so it’s not as lucrative as they’d want.

This turn a fat chick into a top model and make her millions so she can buy all the donuts her heart ever wanted is just against the way society was built….and against everything I’ve ever known as a man.

Fat girls are supposed to be either married moms that gave up with husbands that are defeated and hate life….OR girls who are alone and sad eating their feelings and blaming trauma….the kind of girl you fuck at 3 am cuz you have no options and the tits are big…but then the whole hip hop trend happened…and next thing you know….these fat girls think they are hot…and here we are treating fat girls like fit girls…all while knowing that they are unhealthy, going to put a strain on healthcare system, because fat isn’t something to celebrate just cuz everyone is fat and they find skinny unrelatable….SKINNY is what YOU are supposed to look like pig.

ANYWAY, throwing pregnancy into the mix on this one is just beyond.


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