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Rihanna Nipple Pincher of the Day

Rihanna Nipple Pincher Lingerie

Rihanna is being a little cheeky or playful, like she’s channeling her old ways of when she was an underage prostitute working the karaoke bars of Barbados, before being recruited by some pervert and brought to America where he sold her off to Jay Z and who has since made over a billion dollars or more in merch, concerts, record sales, etc. She’s an earner. The best kind of whore to have in your stable of whores when you’re a pimp…

I don’t know if anything I just wrote is true, but this fat white dude I know went to Barbados on some all inclusive vacation about 10 years ago, and HE told me the local snorkeling tour operator told him that or a variation of that….

I do know that it’s hard to get work visas into America and I did see a video of Rihanna singing in high school, where she literally COULD NOT SING…so it’s not a CELINE DION situation where dude knew he was striking gold when he mortgaged the house and had sex with her at 16….so the whole story has A LOT of holes in it…but maybe, just maybe she did just luck out, people do luck out you know…just not people like me.

So this nipple pinching pantomime is just her being silly….now that her tits are big from all that eating with all that money she’s got.


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