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Jenna Dewan Breastfeeding for Instagram of the Day

Jenna Dewan Fresh Tit Breastfeeding

Jenna Dewan is on the Free the Nipple kick because no one gives a fuck about her now that she’s not married to a celebrity….

You know show your fake bullshit feminism of pulling your tit out to introduce your kid with your new guy…because breast feeding is natural, stop shaming breast feeding, something no dude has ever done….because we like tits. I know, hard to fucking grasp as a concept but we fucking love tits and you pulling out your tit, even for non-sexual things, despite I know moms get off breast feeding, is still pulling your fucking tit out….

Women, especially dancers who seduced celebrities, know how to use their tits in less obvious ways, while still getting what they want…just ask those Weinstein Accusers, who weren’t quite as successful in their attempt to use their tits to get what they want, but who are tapping themselves on the back in a “it was not in vain, we got that fucker who didn’t hire us how we wanted to be hired”….

Keep pulling that tit out for attention…because a nice pic of you and your baby wouldn’t have as much viral potential…all these sluts is slutty.


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