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Halle Berry Skin Bleaching of the Day

Halle Berry White Face Skin Bleaching

I guess when it comes to self isolation or work from home, these whores who sit in mansions with piles of money and are barely inconvenienced because they are Halle Berry and bitch gets whatever she wants….

You get only a few options in content. Cooking /Eating videos, workout videos and beauty videos.

On one level it seems so low level and desperate for a celebrity to use social media for their personal brands. It’s like you’re Halle Berry and you have to let people watch you apply bleach to your face because you’re ready to admit that you’re only black by a technicality.

It’s like bitch these influencer wannabes are doing this so they can MAYBE get to your level of fame, and here you are doing it because you think you have to, your agents tell you too, you’ve always been an attention seeking whore and this immediate feedback gives you things to jack off to. I get it and that’s ok….it just seems kind of pathetic whether it is fun or not….I can imagine some of the high paid shit this girl turned down. Maybe TV commercial spots or campaigns that would require less work and less shame than doing this for free. So crazy.

Halle Berry White Face Skin Bleaching


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