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Support all our Healthcare Workers of the Day

I’ve always known nurses to be home wrecking sluts, who are only in the job because it gets them close to doctors, doctors that they can seduce with their knowledge of healthcare, while being their subservients on long shifts together.

It’s one of those technical schools at the local college the girls who work as strippers do for a solid and respectable career, but under the scrubs is the fake tits they bought from lap dancing, seeking to cock of married doctors to fill them up with babies, so that they can move into the big house at the top of the hill to raise those kids after dude is forced to get a divorce from his first wife for cheating on her and knocking up one of the nurses.

So all you girl with your doctor husbands better watch out, they spend a lot of time, in closed quarters, in 12 hour shifts…..and all you guys dating or married to nurses better remember that they are at the hospital looking to upgrade to that doctor life, because your shitty middle class house isn’t that million dollar mansion they dream of…and hear about when at work with a dude for 12 hours a day.

I’ve always said nurses are the whores of the healthcare system…and here’s a nurse giving you a show, bored from a hard shift, in need of a release from the stress…no better way than through orgasm….with no doctor around to fill her up with their own kind of vaccine from the misery…..COCK.

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