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Lais Ribeiro’s Bikini Selfies of the Day

Lais Ribeiro is in a sauna doing some bullshit self care lie that these people of instagram pretend they do because they know so much about health and wellness because they are overpaid and hot.

Get the fuck out of her with your “self care” nonsense…and just stick to being hot.

She’s a 29 year old Victoria’s Secret model who had a kid when she was underage because of Catholicism and being a slut who lets dudes cum in her….

I figured they brought her in from Brazil in their Human Trafficking they used to do before they were linked to Epstein.

Sure Victoria’s Secret, you just happen to source these girls totally randomly in all these countries around the world that aren’t the USA, to give million dollar contracts with…with no dark side…or perverted side to the process.

Just like you manufacture the yeast infection / covid pussy as we call it, panties in CHINA factories with Slave Labor….to finance your mall brand and all your mall locations that are quickly going broke because there is nothing premium about DOLLAR STORE bullshit…..

They think it has to do with not being WOKE and did some knee jerk reaction to pretend to be woke after 20 years of using international sex workers….all of a sudden they life fat girls and trannies…get the fuck out of here…

However, they have brought us some good over the years, and clearly at 29, this Lais Ribeiro chick is looking awesome for a teen mom..

Keep the selfies coming! So we can….keep coming…if you jerk off to this kind of thing instead of actual porn…

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