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Kylie Jenner in Make-Up to Off-Set Her Nasty Pics last Week of the Day

On April 20th, Kylie Jenner was seen out in public looking like her actual troll self. SEE THE PICS HERE

This is the most she has looked like the before picture that circulates the internet when discussing how fucked up the level of face injections and make-up she wears is. You know when we remember how bad she is for society’s youth who follow her troll fucking fat ass….it’s disgusting…

On April 24th, Kylie clearly didn’t like people laughing at what she actually looked like, so somehow created this version of her that she wants you to think is the real version of her…. SEE THE PICS HERE

Since it was so fucking drastic a change, I figured it was important to remind you, that this bitch is a fucking troll….don’t believe what you see on the internet…these people are all fucking evil.

4 Days man…that’s all a bitch needs to REINVENT herself from what she actually looks like to what the world thinks she looks like.

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