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Halsey Anime Cosplay of the Day

Halsey Cosplay Bra Panties

I don’t play videogames and I haven’t since the 80s when some dude who was fucking my mom before she died of AIDS bought me a Nintendo….that I’d play duck hunt, double dragon and Mario 3 on…it was a tactic for me to be distracted while he was getting his fuck on…probably not knowing that he to would eventually die of aids…sex workers man…you gotta always use a condom….at least back in 1987…


This is Halsey in Cosplay for the nerd perverts into whatever ANIME weirdness this is, and her tits are out as she goes after the lowest common denominator…the nerd fuck who jerks off to ANIME…probably a pretty easy demo to manipulate…I mean if they jerk off to cartoons, they can easily be swayed into a real live chick, even one as bullshit as Halsey…so long as she’s dressed like the anime they’ve conditioned to be the only thing they can cum to.

Ya’ll are weird..


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