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Megan Fox Booty of the Day

Megan Fox Booty

Plastic face, mom of 4 Megan Fox and her comeback tour in the form of connecting with her “soul mate” and circus clown “Machine Gun Kelly”…has been pretty fucking boring, uneventful and very much like a 40 year old mom going through a midlife crisis in a “Do you know who I used to be, the hottest bitch in Hollywood, who never did any eventful acting, but who got paid fucking well”…

Machine Gun Kelly, known for fucking porn chicks, is probably used to dealing with a banged out pussy, plus she’s Megan Fox, something exciting to any 35 something who grew up jerking off to her, as people tend to do, the whole celebrity porn thing is real….even though I don’t find celebrities anywhere near as hot or appealing as normal chicks posting their nudes online…but I’m a celebrity hater.

Anyway, Megan Fox is trying to get back into the industry, she’s trying to reclaim her status 10 years too late, she’s made amends with Michael Bay and Spielberg, defending them, which in this era is the “sucked their dicks”….because any executive or producer or director will want an actress absolving them from their pervertedness, instead of getting their dick sucked by them, because there are hotter chicks on social media to get their dick sucked by where these public figures, no matter how irrelevant are just a liability.

Anyway, in her comeback tour, she showed her mom ass in shorts on what I assume is MGK’s feed because he’s having a time with this nut case midlife crisis mom…because I guess she fucks like a porn chick….or he was just a super fan and is fan boy-ing…either way Megan Fox today is not Megan Fox that was and I think she belongs in Brian Austin Green’s dungeon basement where she’s been the last decade since this comeback’s fucking sucked on all levels.


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