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What Book is Brittney Palmer Reading of the Day

BRITTNEY PALMER Is the hotter of the two original UFC Octagon girls, who is also an artist and I guess a nude model with a premium content site that probably makes her a shit ton of money.

I will assume that this is a trailer or preview video of her premium content, which involves her showing off that she reads actual books, which as far as I am concerned is one of the biggest turn ons out there, not because she’s topless when she reads, or even because she’s got a hot body, but becuase in this era of idiots who are too pre-occupied being idiots on social media…not taking any time to themselves to actually sit down and read books, because no one reads books anymore, they are too busy reading memes…and that in and of itself surrounds us with fucking idiots.

That’s not to say a bitch posing with a book is even a bitch reading the book, or being informed or her mind expanded by the book, it’s just to say at least she’s integrated books into her content, because all these Kardashian idolizing fucks out there….NEED to read more books…and take less selfies…or even take selfies with the books…just be sure to READ the book you A-D-D retard fucks…and not just pretend…evne though it’s an era of everyone pretending…

PS…she shows her tits…

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