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Candice Swanepoel Bikini Bod of the Day

Candice Swanepoel is no longer the perpetually pregnant Victoria’s Secret model, who pre-chronic pregnancy, was probably my favorite of the VS models of her generation, even though she was also the most boring, who needs personality when you got that Victoria’s Secret model body and credibility, if anything a personality would take away from that, and in hindsight it was such a great time when people of perceived importance didn’t produce social media clickbait for attention like a bunch of desperate fools trying to get famous….but times they are a fucking changing…..and it’s too bad…even the elite are lowering themselves to do influencer shit cuz instagram is where the eyeballs are and eyeballs mean money…

Anyway, the South African, family of colonialists, who is at high risk of HIV, which for some reason killed way more people than COVID but never banned gay sex…they just kept on fucking…dying to fuck…or fucking to die..who knows…but she’s got her tits cut out of her, since there’s no need for micro implants now that she’s doing her own brand..because she’s doing her own brand…and as any influencer with no experience in manufacturing products will tell you…you can get very fucking rich selling bikinis and other things on instagram…taking a bite out of that corporate monopoly and lining the pockets of underserving idiots….which Candice doesn’t identify as, not according to me, because Candice has 10 or more years of experience at this shit..if anyone deserves that IG brand money it’s her….and this is her campaign…and she’s looking good titless.


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